Directing buyers to external website in order to customize our checkout

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Hi Everyone,

I am currently in UAE and Shopify Payment is not supported so I'm using an app to change the currency and the prices based on the country. However, At checkout, the price shows in the default store currency, which is very confusing to our customers and results in abandoned carts.

Shopify will not solve this issue obviously because it's been over 5 years now. So my question is it possible that I direct the customers to an external page that i develop to pay for the orders and then the page will direct them back to the thank you page in my Shopify store? So the steps will be when they go to the cart and click on "proceed to checkout" they will be directed to an external website with a payment gateway to process their payment and to show them the price in the currency of their country and then return them back to the Shopify site. is that possible? and if yes, how will Shopify calculate their % from the transaction?