Disable Customer Account Welcome email/notification

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Given the current Shopify problem with so many shop owners  getting fake customer accounts set up by bots using real email addresses, I would like to request that shop owners be given the option to turn off the automatic Customer Account Welcome email notifications.


This has become a very necessary request since we ( and hundreds of other store owners) are having these emails sent out to people who  DID NOT sign up for an account - a bot did it for them


Shopify has been saying that this has no impact on the shop owners BUT IT DOES.  Our emails are now being seen as Spam by various email providers . We have not sent the emails - shopify has automatically done it  for us and this is impacting perception of our brand.


So I would like to request that if you can't fix the bot problem ( which has apparently been an issue for quite some time ) ,  at least give shop owners the option to turn off the Customer Account Welcome emails so we can protect our brands until you do find a solution to the fake account creations.


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I agree. This is extremely important under the circumstances. We should be allowed to stop our shop / email / domain from spamming and therefore being damaged.

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Fully agree with this. The volume of bot accounts is increasing and we need to be able to control our brand.

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100% agree with you.


I am getting flooded with fake new customer accounts.  Shopify Support chat today said that they could not add the captcha at their end as I was not a PLUS customers.


That was disgusting as far as I was concerned, I pay every month, and now a BASIC security feature is not standard for paying customers.

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Hi everyone

You could use Shop Protector app for this. 

There are 2 products, broken up by plan type, for SP (Shop Protector). SP Basic focuses on form spam and fake account creation. 

SP+ has this functionality too but adds the ability to configure rules to protect against bot-based checkouts, customize risk analysis settings, how to handle auto-cancellation, bulk cancellations, and much more coming soon!