Disable automatic SKU generation for variants

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When I create a product and enter an SKU, and then create variants (for example for sizes), shopify automatically add the SKU to each variant with an additional dash and number.

Is it possible to disable this behaviour so it will just copy the SKU without the addition?

The reason I'm asking is because we use a different SKU system where each variant has the same SKU and then ends with the size number, and because of shopify's automatic addtion we need each time to first delete shopify's addition and then add ours. It sounds like a small thing but for hundreds of products with tens of sizes it becomes really annoying.



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Hi Amon,

It isn't possible to disable this feature as its a build into the admin, however I will make a feature request for you for sure as it's a really good use case!

The easiest way to manage this that I have found is to export all relevant products into a CSV file, delete the incorrect SKUs, and then re-import them as blank or with your own SKU's added via that CSV file. This will wipe the wrong SKUs. Just don't forget to tick to overwrite existing products so the changes take effect!

Inventory apps are also useful for pushing data including SKUs to your store if you were interested in using apps for your invenotry management- https://apps.shopify.com/categories/inventory!

Thanks Amos!

Anne :)

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Update?  Is this still not possible?  Un-doing shopify's automatic SKU generation will take us days.  Thank you.