Disable checkout unless specific products are added together

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My website sells customisable charm bracelets, as well as lots of other products. It is required that you must purchase at least 1 charm with every new bracelet, however I do not know how to enforce this. Is there an app, or a simple piece of code I can add that does this:

- If the Product Type Charm Bracelet has been added to cart and >0 Product Type Charm Link are in cart, allow checkout (note that charm links can be purchased without a bracelet)

- If not, don't allow checkout and display an error message.

Currently I am using a popup to prompt customers to go and select their first charm after adding a bracelet, as well as a disclaimer, however some are still checking out without a charm.

I have thought about adding the charms as a variant, however there are over 800 charms so this is not a great solution, also I would need an app to keep inventory stock synced.

Thanks in advance for any help. I would also be pleased to hear from any Shopify experts who could implement this for me, if there is not a simple solution.