Disable customer notification emails?

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There's no way. Shopify support doesn't want to help anyhow. They simply don't give a sht, at all, since 2015 :)



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Adding my voice here to say that the current number of mandatory notifications sent by Shopify is far too many.


I spoke with Shopify support and was told that if I wanted more control over the emails Shopify sent to my customers on my behalf, I'd need to upgrade to a Plus plan. Not sure what the pricing is but I'm assuming that's going to be more than the $3,600 annual for Advanced ... 


When I told support that I didn't need any of the features bundled with any of the tiers above Basic, I was told that Plus was the only way to get control over these notifications.


This sounds like bundling to me ... which is to say 'yeah ... we'd love to *not* send your customer a bunch of emails you don't want sent, but, well, that's a Plus feature -- can I get you over to sales?'