Disable old Newsletter pop up that only appears when I password protect my store

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We currently have our store on a 2 week break -to move fulfilment house- so we have a password protect on the homepage and ‘back soon’. . Whenever we password protect the store, a very old Newsletter Signup Pop Up starts showing. (It offers a now defunct discount code and causes issues with customers seeing the pop up, and wanting the old discount.

I cannot figure out where this pop up ‘lives’. It’s as though it’s not in the new ‘active theme’ we use, it’s like it lurks somewhere in the old shopify theme, as it only shows when store is in password protect mode. Can’t find it in mailchimp either.searched everywhere in themes and admin, can only see the current newsletter sign up which is on the live site.(it looks different and has different text ).

Have read some chat about making changes in liquid themes, but that may be a bit beyond my capabilities.

help please!