Disable order confirmation email (any default email for that matter)

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I wanted to open this conversation back up as it's been a year since the last one was locked down.

Shopify is a sophisticated e-commerce platform. So it is a little mind-boggling that Shopify can't see a use case for having full control over all email communication, such as order confirmation emails. In certain industries, it's really important to be on-brand, down to the most minute pixel. If I'm paying a marketing agency thousands of dollars a month to engineer my marketing email strategy, create beautiful pixel-perfect templates, and deliberate over every word and image choice, why would I not want full control over all my emails?

- Maybe I want to use the same template with order confirmations as some of my other emails coming from Klaviyo

- Maybe I want order confirmations to look different for different products (example: they don't need a receipt every month for a subscription. I'd rather focus on the content they're receiving. They can log in to see their payments/history). 

- Maybe I don't want emails looking like they're coming from two different places

- Maybe I don't want to create a Frankenstein-like email template with a thousand lines of code and tons of conditionals to customize the liquid template Shopify provides.

- Maybe I want to do A/B testing on certain emails that have "similar" or "related" products/offers in them.

- Maybe I want all my email analytics in one place as opposed to two.

It's really important to me that we be able to control every email coming out of our shop. Please reconsider this feature as I know I'm not the only one.