Disable shipping information in checkout review for digital products

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I'm selling a digital product, so it doesn't require shipping.

I've already unchecked the "physical product" option in the product editing menu.

Now the customer doesn't have to fill in shipping information during checkout, which is good. (Sadly the customer still needs to fill in billing information, but I've understood that this is necessary).


However, the problem now is that when the customer arrives in the checkout review screen, the customer should still: "Select the address that matches your card or payment method." The customer has to choose between:

 Same as shipping address
 Use a different billing address
Why is this option still there, when the customer didn't even filled in a shipping address in the first place?
I would like to remove this choice completely from the checkout process, so it doesn't confuse the customer.
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Note that I have this option selected in the Checkout settings:


Use the shipping address as the billing address by default

(Reduces the number of fields required to check out. The billing address can still be edited.)