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I am very disappointed with Shopify. I would never use Shopify if I knew that at every stage I have to pay a lot of money for myself. The specialists who started dialogues with me in the community do not answer my questions when I write to them personally. For example: can I reapply the automatic image optimization after some of them? Are there any threats to images that have already been optimized?
I was unable to contact the developers of my free theme. Minimalist to fix what I can't because of another specialization. I am extremely disappointed. Paid for 3 months of service and didn't sell anything. What kind of help? When I ask for help in one case, I get obsessive suggestions for something completely different. If I do not speak English and prefer to correspond (where all agreements and advice are recorded), then they refuse me and offer to learn English. Specialists of this level are repulsive and not credible. Most of them don't bother to read what you want them to do. This follows from their answers. It is very unpleasant that there is no clear division between paid and free services. The answers are often targeted at website builders, and invite advertisements talk about the ease of building websites with Shopify. This is not true. It still needs to be configured. I had experience with Wix and did it myself. Everything is much more complicated here and some of the necessary applications cannot be translated into Google.