Discount App that Overrides Discount Codes

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Hi! I'd like to find out if any Shopify discount app will override discount codes. For example, if I have a product that normally sells for $40 and I put it on sale for $30, I don't want users to be able to use a discount code that gives them a further discount. 

This feature is built in to Big Commerce, but it's not on Shopify. 

I use the Product Discount App from Bold, which doesn't support this functionality. 

Does anyone know of an app that does this? 


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I don't know an app that does this, but I've solved this scenario in the past by making the discount only apply to a certain collection, and then when you mark the sale products down, exclude them from the collection that allows the discount.

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You can try Discount Master by Autoketing. You will choose to discount by fixed amount or percentage. For example, you choose to discount $30 and original price is $70, then you have discount price is $40. It can apply a discount to all products, one collection or specific products.