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Hello everyone,

So I was looking through the discount code walk-throughs:

I understand that I can pick specific collections for percentages and fixed amounts off, but when I go to create a Free Shipping Discount it immediately eliminates my ability to select collections or products.

We sell a wide range of products, but we namely want to create a free shipping code specifically for our Filters and Cartridges, not for our Water Systems as they are included in our general free shipping.

Any idea on this? Please help!

Thank you!

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Hey @inrc,

Since the final shipping cost is determined based on the entire cart, not just collections, this is why you can't narrow it down to your collections/products. The free shipping discount removes the entire shipping cost, so if you had a cart combination of all three items, the shipping cost for the Filters and Cartridges would be removed but nothing would be removed from Water Systems since they always get free shipping.


I hope this help!

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