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Hello Team,

Problem: I am running a store and people are using wrong discounts;

For suppose we have a discount called XYY which is applicable on But 2 and get X% off. Now people are using it on single product.

Now: Is there anything which can customise the error message? Which can say that the coupon XYY is available only if you buy 2 or something.

I already know about the language method but I want something else, as the language will just change the error text.
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Only Shopify Plus merchants can customize the checkout screen. The alternative would be to create a small app that would "pre-verify" the discount before the checkout (or use an existing app that does so). 


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Hey @nikkhil160,


Gabe here from Shopify. Discount codes are a great way to increase your conversions as well as offer a great user experience.


So you are offering the "Buy 2 and get X% off" discount and customers are using it on just 1 product instead of 2, is that correct?


With the "Buy X Get Y" discount, and in your example, it's important to remember that the customer must add the following for the code to work:

  • 2 products that they want to buy
  • PLUS the 3rd product that they will get a % discount on (if that is what you are offering).

You could give the discount code a meaningful title like "Buy 3 products and get 10% off on the 3rd product" or similar. That could reduce an incorrect redeeming of the code in the checkout. Are you displaying the code on your homepage like in a header banner or similar? Or are you using the automatic discount feature?


Then, as you mentioned, you can change the error message text - "Cart does not meet discount requirements notice" - in the theme language settings to something more meaningful.


See also our great help docs on that here.


All the best! Gabe