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Well, after having survived BFCM, I have some comments about discounts.  Since Shopify is still lacking in automatic discount capability we, like many others, have to use a discount app.  Most of these apps work by summing up their discounts and then applying them via one final discount code at checkout.  The app we use (Ultimate Special Offers) allows an additional code to be entered in the CART and it will roll  that into the final discount calculation.  But when trying to do something additonal like a Cyber Monday 15% off your entire order discount code, we are reliant on the customer doing the right thing at the right time.  If they add the discount code to the cart, the app will properly apply it.  But some people will apply it at checkout which overrides the previously calculated discount.  And to add to the confusion, we have a rewards program app which also uses discount codes so some customers wanted to get their standard quantity discount, plus the Cyber Monday discount plus apply one of their rewards.

I'm sure our experience is not unique.  We had to field many emails and phone calls from confused customers and do manual refunds on their orders where the discounts were messed up.  This message is not meant to be a rant, but an example of a real-world experience on the Shopify platform. 

Please Shopify, add core functionality to allow things like bulk, bundle, volume, BOGO, etc. discounts as part of the core functionality and WITHOUT USING DISCOUNT CODES.  Yes, this would eliminate the need for some of the discount apps out there, but this really should be part of the out-of-the-box functionality.  Lately Shopify has added some limited capability for automatic discounts, but these still use discount codes on the backend so all of the above mentioned issues are still issues.

Thank you for your consideration of this.

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi, there! My name is Tira and I am a Shopify Guru.

I want to thank you very much for sharing your comments and feedback on the discount process with us. It sounds like you have used many different options to make discounts work better for your store.

We launched the Automatic Discounts feature in time for BFCM in order to help many merchants automatically add discounts for BOGO deals. However, as you've mentioned, it still relies on the use of a discount code at checkout to work. To avoid confusion with discount codes overriding on top of the automatic discounts, we have made it so that no other discount codes can be applied while the automatic discount is active. You can take a look at our help doc on creating automatic discounts here. We are aware that there limitations with this new feature, and are always willing to improve on it after hearing feedback from merchants.

I'm going to take your comments and pass them to our development team, so that they are aware that we need to look into adding discounts that do not need to use discount codes, and can be applied on all products automatically, based on conditions set by the merchant. We value feedback very much here at Shopify, as it helps us understand and work on making the platform better for you and all merchants, so that you can be successful with your store.

Thank you again for your feedback!

Tira | Social Care @ Shopify
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