Discount based on number of items. Set price not per product.

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I was wondering if it is possible to set a discount based off the number specific products bought at a set price. I have tried a few applications however they all seem to only discount EACH product instead of the way I want to do it. For example......

Quantity 1 - $1.00 off
Quantity 2 - $ 3.00 off
Quantity 3 - $ 5.00 off

When I tried to select 2 products. It took $6.00 off. Taking off $3 for each product. I only want it to take the fixed amount for $3.00 off.

When I tried to select 3 products. It took $15.00 off. I only want it to take $5.00 off the 3 not $5.00 per product.

How can I accomplish this for specific products NOT just the cart total of the whole store?