Discount code decimal place

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you used to have this ability, now you've taken it away.

Could you please allow a discount code on the website to be moved a decimal place?

I want to give a 3.5% discount.

Currently I can only give a 3% or a 4%.

Thanks much!

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Hi there Michael!

My name is John and I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

Thanks for taking the time to post here about your discount requirements.

I have raised a feature request for this with our product support team to let them know our merchants are looking for this feature. 

We rely on merchant feedback to get an idea of what people are looking to have added to the platform in future so thanks again for letting us know about this. :)

Best of luck with everything here!


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Is there any update on this? I made a discount a while back which used a decimal, and now I can't edit the code name because if I do I will not be able to use the decimal.

I can't create a new discount using a decimal either. This was really handy because if I want to give someone 1/3 off I could use 33.3% which I can't do. I would have thought that 33.3% (or one-third) would be popular for discounts?

Thanks :)

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Hi all!


Any update on this subject? Discount code with decimals would indeed be very helpful!





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Hi, any update on this one? Should be a simple change on the part of developers.
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This is an IMPORTANT matter and in my modest experience, should be that difficult to integrate. Why Shopify is not listening to all below requests?

PLEASE let us know if at least you are "thinking" about implementing this... Thanks.

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Hey John!


Any update on this? its been a couple of years since this request was made and according to you "We rely on merchant feedback to get an idea of what people are looking to have added..." Seems like a lie to me right now.



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Any movement on this yet? I'm in Ontario Canada and trying to do a black friday "save the tax" discount code. I need 11.5% and can't be done so I have to give 12%. Seems like a simple thing shopify. thanks!

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Not yet? I need first decimal place, so please~~!!!!

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My team figured out a bit of a workaround for this if you're only trying to discount a single product or a bunch of products that all cost the same amount of money.  We have a $23.99 product that we wanted to discount down to $18.99 Which is something like a 20.842% discount.  We ran into this wall where we couldn't do decimal discounts.  


But we figured out you can do "fixed amount" and also "applies to" -> "specific products" and then chose our specific product.  We set a $5 fixed amount and then unchecked "Only apply discount once per order".  So now when people use that code, they'll get our product for the exact discount amount, even if they add multiple to the cart.