Discount code for multiple items, more than once

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Hi, trying to set up a 'Buy Any 2 T-Shirts for $X' sale with a discount code (TWO TEES)

I have tried setting it up as 'fixed amount' discount with minimum purchase of 2 T's-  all good on orders with just 2 T'S

But I am at a loss as to how if a customer adds 2 more shirts, they get the same discount.  What happens is the 'fixed amount' discount gets split among each item, rather than applying the discount more than once.


I have tried unchecking 'Only apply discount once per order', but the discount then gets applied to each item- not the multiple of 2

'Minimum quantity of 2' items is checked, when I uncheck- fixed discount applies to each item (no good)

Usage Limits are unchecked


I have also tried a 'percentage' discount- but same result


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