Discount code not working

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Hello! I tested out my discount code on my store and noticed two problems.

1. The discount was being automatically applied but I did not select automatic discount. I selected discount code

2. The wrong amount is being taken off the product. I chose to have a fixed amount taken off. I wanted to take off $2.50. I entered in $2.50 while creating the discount. When I tested it out, it was not taking off $2.50, but rather having $2.50 be the total amount. 

Does anyone know how to fix either one of these problems?

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Is it possible to share an example that the forum members can see? I would guess you are using an app that could be applying a discount but that's some pretty loose conjecture. We'd be interested in digging into this more but it will need something we can see, or at least a little more context.

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