Discount if customer buys two exactly same personalized products

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I sell personalized posters and would like to offer a discount if a customer buys two or more of the same personalized product. 


Here's the problem:

- A customer usually buys two personalized posters with different personalized content.

- In Shopify's mind it's the same product... But actually it's two different products, since the customer has to add them to cart separately because of the differing texts and other content.

- As the seller, I make these two different posters separately. So I don't want to give a discount in these cases.

->> But if the customer buys two of the exact same product with the same personalized details, it means I only make the poster once (just multiple copies). So in these cases I'd like to offer a discount.


This doesn't seem to be possible with Shopify's own discount tool.. Because Shopify thinks that it's the same product – it doesn't matter if the customer has added a certain product to the cart separate times with different personalization info, or actually has increased the quantity of a certain product on the product page or in the cart.


Any ideas on how to do this?