Discount or "Mark as Paid" for sales via other channels?

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Hi Shopify Community!

I was curious behind the logic and flow of putting in manual orders on Shopify if they come from other sales channels. The purpose of entering the order on Shopify would be due to the integration with my fulfillment center and perhaps to also accurately track sales metrics.

Here is an example scenario:

I receive an order from Customer XYZ on Faire for $100 (to purchase from my Shopify store would cost $200).

I enter it manually into Shopify so the order will get fulfilled. 

At this point, should I do 100% discount or is it better to have the final sales price ($100) and hit "Mark as Paid"? Is there any fees I'm paying Shopify for this transaction that is done outside of Shopify?

Any help with the logic behind entering these orders would be much appreciated!