Discount window not showing up for international customers

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Hi all, having problems with dicount codes. I have set discount codes, and i have checked that the apply discount window shows up for me, and a few friends have checked. But a few international customers have tried and the discount window doesnt show up at all. Discount codes are applied to all products. Im in Australia. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, H

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Can you share a link to the site? 
What's the discount window? Is this an app or custom made pop up that appears? It is likely worth giving some context on that as well to make it a little easier for us to dive into.

I jump on these forums to help and share some insights. Not looking to be hired, and not looking for work.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Link to the page is
I'm not using any apps for the discounts, just the standard discount
options available through shopify. There is no option to apply discount
codes at checkout for one customer in Germany, or another in the U.S.
A few people i know from australia have had a look and it shows up.
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Hi Plumbadin,

Most of the customer face this kind of issue so Even i have stucked at this issue but trust me someone referred about this app Kart Discount app. If you installed for the first time its take  one time setup and later  this app can do with stack feature, where they can apply one automatic and 2 manual codes i.e; .A Person can stack up to 3 codes on a single order. Isn't it  great! so i think if you start using this app your issue will be sorted out. 




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Most of the International merchant face this kind of multi Currency Option issue's. So, some one referred a app call Kart Discount App which will help on this issue. It's Simple actually just install the app once its takes setup time and later on you simply have to copy paste the HTML Code in general setting, Open your store and there you can see dropdown to change currency. That's it done.

*That dropdown based on current location you select.

*Automatically it will set the currency based on location. It will solve your multicurrency issue and also have so many other things which you can use if you want like it provides discount field ,3rd Party app integration ,Automatic Discounts. Free Multi-Currency Widget ( Sell in any currency now )

So, I hope it will help you.