Discounts: How do we exclude products?

@PatrickBrunelle I hear you. 

Looks like this would be a good candidate for a Shopify app. 

From this thread, I think the app would need two features, exclude with a simple button on the Product page and an "advanced exclude" where the shop owner can specify conditions (like your Compare at price) to exclude products. 

Let me know if there are any other features you would like. 

@Christophe72 What apps are you using that create your discount codes? Your situation is a little more complicated. 


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Good afternoon,

In fact, What we need seems pretty simple at first. We want to create an
automatic rebate on all products at regular price. So we tried to create
an automatic collection of all product excluding products which had a
rebate. This proved to be more challenging than expedited at first.

After looking around, we did find an app to do this :

It's just that in the first place we were expecting this to be quite
standard in Shopify.

Thanks for a quick answer.

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Hi Eddy,

cm commerce email marketing, happy birthday email, loyaltylion generate coupon codes automatically.

Interesting. I found out that gift cards on shopify cannot be discounted with a coupon code. I don’t remember doing anything for this.

I will encounter problems when selling products on which coupon codes cannot be applied. I definitely don’t understand why shopify staff didn’t think about this since they applied the feature to gifcards.

Thank you very much for your intesrest,

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I know.....i am SO SICK of app suggestions. Apps should be for things that are out of the norm, but discounts are done on a daily basis from almost EVERY store in the world, and what we're asking is very basic....I mean, an app for that? Come on...

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Just a followup on a possible solution. Not really 100% but you'll see.

As a reminder I have a bunch of apps generating random coupon codes.

At this point I created a tag for my products I want to be excluded from coupon codes.

Then I created a hidden collection containing these products.

Then I went to the automatic coupon codes creator. 

I created a coupon code specific to the products' collection I created with a fixed amount of 0,01 (your local currency). I tried 0,001 but it's impossible.

Which means you'll client will get a discount of one cent which I guess is ok. They'll just think great, it's cheaper. Probably a mistake." One cent is not a big deal.

These products will not be discounted by other coupon codes since it's automatically applied.

This may be a good quick cheap solution.

At this point I'm also looking on upwork if I can find some help on coding to get a true "exclude products from all coupon codes" feature implemented.

A shame Shopify doesn't bother about fixing this issue.





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In 2021 this seems to still be an issue - Created a video to help as a workaround without any apps, just a few automated collections, hope it may help: