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I Desperately want to have ONE Discont code on my store that can apply say 20% off Tees, 15% off Pants, $5 off Sale Items etc all in one go.... so i can have 10-40% off store wide with code "Sale" etc..... Why is this not a thing yet!! can anyone help!?

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Hi, Courtney!

My name is Ava, I’m one of Shopify’s Gurus and I’m here to help :)

The admin will need different codes for different promotions in order to know what specific discounts to apply at the checkout. If there were one discount code, when the customer enters the checkout, the checkout would not know whether this one code is supposed to take 20% off/$5 off/offer free shipping. 

It would not be possible to have one discount code that can apply several different discounts. You will need one discount code per offer.

Customers would also expect different codes, just so they can be confident their code will give them 15% off rather than be confused with another code and then only receive 5% off.

We do have some apps that would help you manage these discounts though! 

* Bulk Discounts
* Bulk Discounts & Sales Scheduler
* Discounted Pricing by Booster Apps 
* Volume Discount by Hektor

They will help you manage multiple discounts and create them quickly!

Let me know if you have any more questions, happy to help!


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I would Advertise "25% off shirts, 10% off Pants, 20% off Hats" use code "SALE" etc..

I have done sales this way on 3 other platforms.. Shopify is the ONLY one i have come across that doesnt let me do it.


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It seems that you are looking for a way to combine many discounts and add to one code. It's impossible. Shopify doesn't provide that feature. 

You can use the app Discount Master. It does not create codes but you can show the discount price right on your store. Customers see products with the discount price. This encourages them to buy more.

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Courtney, did you try any of these apps suggested?  Anything you can recommend?  I'm in the same boat!

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Curious if anyone found a solution for this. Here’s an example of Loft doing this.