Discounts not being automatically applied at checkout

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I am using the sharable discount link that should automatically apply the discount when a customer gets to checkout. However, sometime over the past month all of these links have stopped working. 


Here is one link example:


I am wondering if there is an app I installed that would have prevented this from working? Has anyone else had this issue? 


It is very important to our business for this to work because we use these links in FB ads to customers do not have to enter a code a checkout. Now our ads no longer do this. 


Thank you for the help  

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It looks like the code you're using for the postcode and delivery section on the cart sends over a discount parameter when it redirects to the checkout. The parameter is empty, which is clearing the discount code.

You should be able to test this by:

  1. Add some things to the cart
  2. click on your discount link you added here
  3. go to (obviously using your domain not the fake one I used!)
  4. do you see the discount applied?
  5. go back to cart
  6. enter the postcode and time
  7. click checkout
  8. did the discount remain?

Should be fixable. If it the code is added via an app you'd want to talk to the app developer.

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