Display subtitle product tag and checkout message

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Hi Guys, 

In my store i have a coming soon collection. This is based on products that are not in stock but will soon become available.

I would like to achieve the following : 

* Display a subtitle to the product such as ( Up to 4 weeks delivery on this product ) if the product has a "coming soon" tag . Please see example below . The message is not important image.png


* I would also like to display a message at checkout : " Please note, one of the products in your basket has a higher delivery time".  ( based on the product having the tag : coming soon ) 

I've tried so many things and nothing works. 

My last solution was  : 

<!-- Code added for custom tag message -->
{% for tag in product.tags %}
{% if tag contains 'coming soon' %}

<h4>Available for in-store pickup only</h4>

{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
<!-- end Tag code --> 

I'm absolutely dead in the water, and just had a request for refund because of this. ( literally my 2nd order since launch ) 

Could i get some help for a newbie just starting up with Shopify?  Pretty please? 

PS : I'm using universe theme from outlane. In my snippets section i only have product-embed.liquid 


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Isn't there anyone that might be able to point me in the right direction ?