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Hi shopify family.

I need your HELP!

We are building multi-vendor marketplace with many sellers and buyers all around the world and we came to the poing where we are facing some issues how to distribute earnings to sellers

1. Does anybody have any solution ideas to distribute money to sellers on webkul? or;
2. How to use Stripe Connect and PayPal to distribute payments to sellers internationally automatically?

We are in communication with PayPal and Stripe to find the best wat how to distribute earning, yet this not bringing positive solution at the moment. 

3. Do you have any recommendations where can I found some Webkul expert or Stripe expert to consultant with him our situation?:)

BIG THANK YOU in advance for any leads, help, ideas what to do.

Have an fantastic day!


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Hi Nikkiterra,

Just wanted to share that there is a new app "Shipturtle" on the app store which offers Multi Vendor Marketplace functionality, in case you are still looking for a solve. It handles Vendor Commissions beautifully and should suffice your requirement.

Regarding your question on Stripe payments, although Shipturtle does not have this facility right now, Il be most happy to have a look at your requirement and see if we can accomodate it in anyway.

You can mail me at sharad@shipturtle.com or drop a line on the website contact form.




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