Do I need to make 301 redirect migrating from wordpress to shopify?

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Recently I migrated my website from wordpress to shopify. My website was public on wordpress only ~2 months so my ranking in google search was low. I didn't make url 301 redirect but I indexed my new sitmap with google. 

Problem is that from google analytics I see that some of old urls can still be found and are landing pages to my visitors from google (automaticly they get 404 redirect page with link to home page);

I have few questions about this?

- Do I need to make 301 redirect if I don't care about my old urls?

- the second question is how long google will remember these old urls?

- If I will not make 301 redirect what harm can be made to my seo?

-is there more iformation I need to know?

I searched this in google but the only thing I can find is how and why I need to make old urls 301 redirect if they are important and can be found ir google search.


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If those old URLs are getting traffic, then I would 301 redirect them to something relevant, just so those users get a better experience.

Google has a very long memory, even after they stop nagging you about 404s, they will still check them every once in a while.

Not doing 301s for low value pages has no siginificant SEO cost. 301 transfer ranking signals if the pages are similar. If there is nothing of value to transfer, or you don;t have an equivalent page to rediret to, there is nothing SEO of value for the redirect. But there there may be of value to users.

404 is not a redirect. It's a http URL status saying that the URL does not have any content. Search Engines use this as a signal to mostly ignore the URL.They will report it in the Search Console and re check it every once in a while to see if it changes.

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