Do Not Use Shopify Payments!

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I’m currently in e-mail he11 with the Shopify risk team. They claim I have branded products that I need to supply documentation to prove I can sell them. They refuse to list exactly which products are in violation.

I am drop shipping with products from a verified Shopify app that have t-shirts that are parody type. I contacted the owner of the app to see what I can do. He told me these shirts are from a reputable shirt supplier and are perfectly legal to sell. He’s ran a multi-million dollar company so I trust he knows what he’s talking about. He even called and talked to risk analysis about this and they wouldn’t budge.

So I first had the products hidden from all sales channels until I could get clarification on what to do. When it became evident they would not come to an agreement with the app owner I went through all 1600 products and deleted the ones I thought could be considered branded. This took me days because, again, they never supplied me with a list of the products in violation so I had to guess.

Now they are threatening me and telling me I still have the products hidden in my administration, which I don’t. Again, still no list of which products they see.

Save yourself the headache and use your own payment provider. DO NOT use Shopify Payments. Not only are they unprofessional they will hold your payments which is legally questionable considering they can’t be specific on which products are in violation.
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