Do the number of variant values within a particular variant effect product page load times?

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I'm wondering if anyone could help as I'm about to migrate to Shopify from Magento and want to make sure I do it correctly the first time.

I was told that by splitting bigger attributes (equivalent to "variants" on Shopify) with many values within them will speed up product page load times on Magento, however it will make the migration much easier plus the upkeep on the Shopify backend much simpler for all if they were streamlined, I just don't know if by streamlining these attributes it will negatively affect product page speed load times.


I currently have many attributes that describe the same sort of thing i.e. instead of having a single attribute for "colour" where all products that have a particular colour use this same attribute, I have split these up by brand so that the attribute value list for colour isn't enormous because each brand usually has its own specific colours. So instead of having 1 attribute for colour with 1000 colour values, I now have 20 colour attributes each with 50 colour values.


Will having one variant on Shopify for colour in this case slow down the page speed load time at all?


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