Does Influencer Marketing bring sales

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I've recently started a new clothing store and i'm considering using influencer marketing as one of the main marketing strategies. 

Check out my website and let me know if you think it would work to bring sales nd increase my brand equity, also let me know if you have any other suggestions to make the store better

I have already contacted a few instagram models who are interested and want to help promote my brand. What is your experience with using influencers? Did it bring sales, more consumer interest, or help your business in the long run? I've been running facebook ads to gauge interest in the products and they are getting great feedback so i want to build the brand's reputation using influencers and possibly get some sales too. What do you think?

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Yes, Instagram ads are great if you do this perfect way. Then you will get huge traffic and sales.

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DEFINITELY, Do your research and find some that suit your brand/vision. I can personally testify that they help with sales. Infact some of the influencers I use, have become friends and we've even collaborated on designs which adds credibility to my brand.

Influencers tend to mix and match brands in their positings. So if you're constantly being tagged along with big brands eventually your brand will appear to be on the that level...maybe not as high but you'll definitly be in the conversation

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Hell ya, influencer marketing is great. You can really get it going if you set up an affiliate program, then contact Instagrammers, Youtubers, bloggers, etc to collaborate with.

I use the Refersion app to set up and manage affiliate programs. You can also set discount codes for conversion triggers, which is key for Instagram.

I think this works better than buying shoutouts, at the least it creates relationships and long term referral potential.

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Yes Influencers can bring sales but I must warn you that usually not an immediate sales but long-term one.  The influencers can bring a great word-of-mouth, trusted voice, New engagements, and more, I recommend!

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Hey Taran from Pollen here. We've written about this in-depth because a lot of our clients use influencers. The short version is that influencer marketing is great for generating clicks, but don't expect it to bring in massive sales.

There's also a big difference between celebrity influencers and social influencers. So a Kardashian would likely bring in a lot of sales, but a model on Instagram will likely bring in a lot of clicks and minimal sales.

So what’s the secret sauce for Influencer success? Our clients use influencer marketing and retargeting ads together to generate sales. How does it work? It’s pretty simple:

  • A Shopify store setups an ad campaign in under 2 minutes with Pollen
  • The influencer will then posts on social media platforms with links to the Shopify store
  • The store will see a massive traffic boost and get some “window shoppers”
  • Because the store uses Pollen, our super awesome machine learning technology will capture them with a retargeting pixel
  • The visitor will leave the site, but sees retargeting ads as they browse Facebook and other websites reminding them of the site the influencer pointed them towards
  • As the visitor sees more retargeting ads, they’ll go ahead and become more likely to purchase a product
  • Products are then purchased and sales go up

You can read the whole article here:

Hope this helps!

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Your products have to be really good if you want influencers to make a difference. Or least should look well on your influencers. You will find plenty of fashion influencers, choose ones that have a personal sense for taste. I must also add best way to make sales is by increasing channels, let CEDCOMMERCE help you with it.

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Hi Jonathan, 

Influencers will definitely add to your marketing plan. Using influencers is a great way to create word of mouth and increase brand trust. They will also bring in sales, but sometimes this can take awhile and be hard to track. Many social media users will see an influencers posts and then organically look up the company. This makes tracking difficult. One way to find out if influencers are increasing your sales is to give the influencer a promotion code like "Katie20" for 20% off. This way you can track how many people saw their post to use the sales code. 

You also want to make sure you use influencers that match your brand style. Find people who have the same voice and promote other brands you fit well with. Finding influencers that you can create a long term relationship with. 

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Hi Jonathan, 


Looks like your site isn't working, but here's my advice for influencer marketing: 


-Definitely take advantage of Facebook and Instagram's new ability to sponsor the influencer's posts. It will really increase reach and possible conversions. The influencer just has to list you as a partner, then you can promote their content. 

-You'll need to find an accurate way to track your efforts with these influencers. You can have the influencers share a coupon offer, or you can use Google Analytics and a tracked URL to determine how much traffic and sales they actually referred. 


Hope that helps! Good luck!

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