Does Shopify Show a Sale Line Cost of Goods for Orders Anywhere?

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I have been trying to find an answer to this, but is there anywhere that the sale line item COGS is stored for a given order?  Here is an example of the scenario I am looking at.  Let's say I buy an item for $50 wholesale and sell it for $100 on order #1.  I reorder the item from my vendor, but the wholesale cost is now $70 and I decide not to increase my retail cost.  I update the item cost on the product page in Shopify and then sell it on order #2, still for $100.  Are the $50 and $70 costs stored anywhere in the information for orders #1 and #2 so that a profitability report would show $80 in profit on $200 in sales or will the COGS be calculated using the current $70 cost and the report would show only $60 in profit on $200 in sales, which is obviously incorrect?  

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You can pull somewhat similar information from the Shopify report.  Go to /admin ---> Analytics ---> Report  ---> Finances Summary.

But most likely you will need an external app.

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The short answer is no. The long answer can be found in this blog post - See the section on profit reports. If you're interested in trying out our app - you can install it here. Thanks!

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Hi @AppOut-Kevin ,

I am John from Report Pundit, a reporting and analytics app with more than 500 five-star reviews.

Report Pundit can capture the wholesale cost of $50 and show $50 as profit, and when the cost is updated to $70  it can show $30 as profit on the sales value.

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Hi @AppOut-Kevin - the BeProfit Profit Tracker app is exactly what you're looking for.

You'll get a dashboard that lets you track and analyze all of your profits and expenses including COGS, marketing costs, shipping, and more (you can manually enter expenses as well). As your question specified, BeProfit also provides detailed reports which you can export, and even lets you create your very own custom reports that focus on exactly the data you want to analyze.

The app is very quick to set up and integrates seamlessly with your marketing platforms and even Shopify Shipping so that you can track your profits and expenses with precision.

Plus if you need any help navigating the app or have any questions, our support team is happy to provide you with hands-on assistance!

You can use BeProfit to:

  • Create and export custom reports
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Try BeProfit and let us know if you find it helpful. Plus, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the app, we're always happy to get feedback! Good luck