Does Shopify have a Media file (like Wordpress) where I can store relevant product data?

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Hi folks, I am still relatively new to Shopify and on the basic starter package. As I am adding new products to my Shopify website I would like to store the raw data I am referencing in a Media file (like Wordpress) so that I can quickly refer back to it in the future without having to go back to the original external source. If nothing of that type exists within Shopify does anybody know of an app or alternative work around method? Any advice would be gratefully received! Thank you.



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Hi @Ultracleg!

You can upload images, videos, and documents to your store using the 'Files' feature in Shopify. You can find this feature in the Shopify admin under Settings > Files. Here's a link to a page on Shopify's help center with some more details:

Hopefully this helps!

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