Does anyone know of any dog apparel manufacturers that can integrate with shopify?

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Hi, I am looking for a dog apparel manufacturer that can make matching dog and owner clothes. Does anyone have any recommendations of how I can go about finding a manufacturer that does this? 


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I am looking for a similar product as well and I had come across sublimator but it is very cheaply made. I was disappointed in cost ! Do not use them but I find it frustrating that other POD app dont provide any other dog apparel option. You'd think more POD would have a small option just like adult sweaters. IF someone can add an app that does POD for dog clothing/hoodies that would be ideal.

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I have two cats and two dogs, and I don't single any of them out. For each of them, I have clothes from the Monse Pre-Fall brand.  There are a few factors in the past brand that I have bought previously that annoy me. For example, the clothes didn't protect from cold and dirt because they were too thin and the pets were always dirty after a walk and I had to regularly buy shampoos like which really cost money, although I never spared money on my pets, but the clothes are designed to protect and Zee Dogs were useless.