Does shopify replace my wordpress?

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I work for a traditional brick and mortar retailer, and we use Wordpress on a VPS for a non-ecommerce website.

It has featured products and promotional info, how to get here info, web contact form etc, but you couldn't buy online, it was meant as info for people who would then physically go to the store to buy stuff.


If we start selling online with Shopify, should I expect Shopify to be able to fully replace our existing Wordpress site?

Hello foonook,
Shopify can replace wordpress functionality.
Shopify provide pramotional info also.
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Hello foonook,

Yes you can move everything from WP to Shopify. And your WP website will remain as it is, if you don't want to use same domain.

Shopify provides you a platform to sell online with free default themes but if you want you can use premium one a/to your need or build a new one from scratch.
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Are there contact forms?

I would be allowed to embed Google Maps for the store locator page?

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Since we would rather have only a single public website,  as long as all the existing content can be rebuilt in Shopify, then we would no longer use the Wordpress site.


I ask to confirm that Shopify does include most of the same features of Wordpress useful hosting corporate info, how to get there (Google Maps embed), contact form, product highlighting, event/promotion announcements?


i.e. Suitable for a company that plans to continue its brick and mortar operations, while adding ecommerce?

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Hi @foonook,

Hyde here from Shopify. Great question!

You can totally use Shopify in conjunction with your WordPress site, so long as your Wordpress site is hosted on

You can use a buy button on your hosted site so that if visitors like a product and want to buy it, they can click that buy button and will be redirected to your Shopify checkout.

This will mean that you only need to use the Shopify Lite plan (ie. you don't have a website with us, only using the backend admin):


In short, you can retain your current website and use the Shopify backend to process orders through a buy button. 


I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.


All the best, Hyde.

Hyde | Social Care @ Shopify 
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My Wordpress site isn't hosted by , it's on its own VPS subscription.

I understand the scenario Hyde describes.

However, as long as Shopify is has the features I am used to in Wordpress, I would prefer to just rewrite the website in Shopify.  Is this commonly done?

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This is an accepted solution.

Interesting question. 


I operate two e-commerce stores.


Both use Shopify for product sales.

Both use WordPress for the content marketing portions.


WordPress as a CMS is very good at what it does and allows you to have a lot of flexibility. So we host on a dedicated server and maintain it ourselves. It's been a convenience for images, mailing lists, and social media marketing. 


Shopify is exceptionally good as a sales platform. Sure we could have gone with WooCommerce or another vendor, but after substantial research (10 years ago) we decided to go with Shopify.


I have never regretted this hybrid. Because each tool does what IT does best. 10 years ago, Shopify's content marketing capacity wasn't that good (we did evaluate it). I've not investigated it since.


I think it really depends on your use case. We knew that we would have a lot of content for one particular store and felt that WordPress would do a better job of housing that content. It drives sales to our Shopify store and they are very closely linked. We also use a subdomain of our store for the WordPress site, so as far as customers are concerned they ARE the same site.


Before trying to move content around I would certainly recommend an analysis of your marketing needs - not just at this time, but also for the future. Which tool supports your content needs and which supports your selling needs. 



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Thanks for the helpful comments.  I would like to double check one thing concerning the Button functionality. 

For various reasons I want to keep my existing WP hosting and use the Shopify plugin.  Is it correct that if I take the Basic plan then I will also have access to the Button functionality?

I want to have access to the Shopify backend and Instagram shopping so need the Basic plan, but as I just want to integrate the button functionality into the existing WP site via the plugin (to avoid multiple domains and rebuilding my WP site) I would like to confirm that this is possible.

Thanks in advance!