Does the "Charge tax on this product" checkbox do anything if I haven't set up taxes in my store?

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This does not work - how do i speak to a shopify expert - the help centre keeps sending me round and round in circles

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Morning, Bo
I followed the Sales Tax and checked the orders under DC Sales Tax.  However, the products are not being charged correctly.  As the report shown here, the rate collected for DC is 6% where it should be 10%.
DC Sales Tax Rate.JPG 

Even with the override:

Sales Tax Rate Override.JPG


Going forward, what other information I need to collect the sales tax rate correctly?

Thank you!

Robert Wood

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Hi Robert,
I'm very new to Shopify, and I had help setting up the store, so in reading
your question about setting up sales tax, I asked myself -- how did we do
that? I went to Settings and then Taxes ("Manage how your store charges
taxes"), assuming this would show me everything. It does indeed show me
that we are charging tax in CT, and it has my tax ID number, but in
an attempt to change that, in NO PLACE does it ask for the tax rate --
nowhere! We provided the state, and a registration number (not required).
That's it!

So the first question is, have you done that part (and my apologies if you
have -- I haven't read all the back emails, just this one)?

Anyway, from there I clicked the link for the instructions and here at NOT
TIME does it tell me how/where to enter a tax rate. Indeed, after the
instructions to click to add the tax registration, the next steps are "tax

This complete lack of a question or a field or an instruction for YOUR
ENTERING the actual tax rate leads me to believe this is embedded in
Shopify -- all you do is specify the state (or in your case, DC). If you
have indeed identified your tax jurisdiction in the Settings as I mentioned
above, then I would call them directly for help in this if the tax isn't
being done correctly. I cannot find any place where that is in your

I hope this helps!!