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Please can someone help me with this one! I bought a website from Wix about 2 years ago for my online fashion store but I then learnt that Shopify was the one I should use for Ecomm. I also bought my domain from them. I paid a web developer to transfer my domain over to Shopify but have now learnt that it is not being hosted by Shopify but being redirected from Network Solutions. I would prefer it to be hosted by shopify but don't know if I can do this or where I would begin.


I need to know if:

Does the redirection affect my SEO or traffic? 

Can I somehow get the domain to be hosted by Shopify?

What do I need to do in order to ensure the domain is no longer a 3rd party host?


Any help would be much appreciated, 



Lost in domain world

Can it be hosted by shopify if I want to transfer it?





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Hello there!

There is no real need to transfer your domain to Shopify. To add a domain from 3rd party into Shopify here’s a link for that:

If you can access Network Solutions your A record should be a static IP address pointing to Shopify and a CNAME record for

Also Google recommends 301 redirects if you use them. Anything else could likely affect SEO but probably not right away.



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Thanks Sam. This helps
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