Don't Use Shopify Payments - Over $1000 HOLD

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Shopify payments just put my account on hold today for over $1,000 USD.


Just started my store three-four weeks ago. Done over $5,000k USD in sales. 


Shopify is claiming they want "documentation for reselling products" although these products are listed through Oberlo. Beware of this website, I'm waiting for the ban hammer next. 


Amazon limited my account too. Over 3k in sales. All in three weeks. So mad when you make real money. So mad so jealous. 


Don't be fooled when there's all of a sudden a problem with what your selling. Hahaha even handmade products get the jab. Stop wasting your time people. The internet is turning into another monopoly. The process i have to go through to accept payments makes it completely pointless to even to continue to use Shopify. I might as well go open a business on the street. Why am I here again?


The canadian government is giving away money but your holding $1000 lmfaooooo