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We started a Shopify store some time ago. I hired a Facebook Ads expert for 1000$/mo + a % from all the sales they generate. It's been one month already and we spent 1000$+ on Facebook Ads and 1000$ for their services and there have been ABSOLUTELY NO sales.

I'm wondering — is it that those guys do not know what they are doing or it could be a problem with the product itself?

What do you think?

P.S. 93% of all the traffic we got was mobile (CPC was very low, but no sales) and I pointed that out last week that we should run a separate Desktop only campaign and now it's around 2$ per click. What do you guys think about all this?

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Mobile visitors typically have a lower conversion rate than desktop traffic, but for the prices you are paying, they should be getting a result. 


Without knowing what the product is, it is hard to determine if there is a problem there. There could be a million little things that are affecting your Facebook ad performance. If you are able to, I would consider trying out a different Facebook ads expert and see if they can drive better results. 


I would also always recommend going over the ad content that an agency is creating. You know your product best, so be sure to review everything in the Facebook Ads Manager to ensure that the ad team is only using the best images, enticing copy, and targeting the right audience. 


Good luck!