Don't laugh-How do I get to my website?

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Hi all. I'm brand new to all this website and ecommerce stuff. I set up my store on and that was very simple for me. My challenge is, how do my customers get to my shopify store? I gave the web address to my sister, which was my store and it brought up the page as if it were me logging in, not a customer. I don't know if I'm making sense, but if anybody can possibly help me as a newbie, I'd sure appreciate it. Thank you so much, Joy Katchy Kids Dancewear (web address (is that a URL?) should go here)
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you might have inadvertently put password protection in.

log in to your admin page at

go to “preferences” (top tab on right)

go to “general settings” (first tab on right nav bar)

scroll down, check “control access to your shop” → “password protection”

if you want to provide public access to your shop immediately, remove the password if there’s one in there.

click “apply settings”

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