Double/triple load on collection pages

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Hello everyone, 

We recently had our new website developed by an agency who added a lot of features to make our complicated products, easily bought online. However, it's left us with a bit of work to do in-house, which is difficult when there is hardly any dev knowledge in-house and with covid, nothing in the budget to outsource help.

The issue I am currently tackling is the double and maybe even triple loading on collection pages. I can't seem to pinpoint the cause.

If anyone has any suggestions on where to find the cause of the issue, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Link to one of our collection pages:



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I didn't notice the double load, but I found a console error that may be a clue:

geo lookup error.jpg


If I were debugging this, I would:

1. Log into the store from different locations (using a VPN) to see if the geo location is causing the problem.

2. If that's the problem, investigate that console error and your geo location code to solve the issue.

3. If that's not the problem, identify the exact steps to recreate the bug, then give those steps to a developer to debug / fix.


More info on console errors:

Info about working in the theme editor (key: make sure you always work on a backup):

If you'd like a Shopify expert to handle this for you, contact my team with the details at

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