Draft Order accept partial payment

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I don't think we are the only ones on the planet with this issue.  Okay, here's the breakdown:

  1. Create a draft order - email to client
  2. Client makes a "partial payment" with a check
  3. Want to move draft order to active orders
  4. Cannot find a way to accept partial payment to order
  5. Winding up cancelling draft order and create a new order 
  6. With new order I have ability to accept a partial payment

I like being able to send client an invoice but unable to figure out how to accept partial payment via draft order.

What am I missing?  We are a service provider as well using the POS.  I want to be able to move a draft order to active order and accept a partial payment.

Okay, that's my story, any suggestions would be great.  Thanks.

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Hey Dennis,

My name is Shea & I work on the support team here at Shopify.

Indeed you're correct that I have come across this a few times within our support channels. As a workaround, you could send the customer a custom order with an invoice titled something like "downpayment", then again send them another draft order of the product with the amount owed again. This functionality is designed to not accept partial payments, due to the fact that once the customer has paid X amount there will be no way to make a payment of Y amount as the total. You can, however, accept partial payments if you're using the POS as you can see here.

I'm going to submit this as a feature request to our product team & fully bounce it off of them the full reason why we do not have this capability in the draft order section. I'll see what I can come up with in the next while in regards to further details.




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Hi Shea!

Any updates on the issue raised? Would really be great to have that partial payment especially for us in Brunei when e-payment channels are either very limited or very expensive. Most pre-orders come from Bank Transfers, Cheques or Cash. 



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I am also interested in being able to take partial payments or deposits on draft orders before making them active. Then collecting final payment before shipping. This is especially important to my wholesalers. I am not interested in workarounds as they are too messy for my production and accounting team to track. 

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We are with you here!   If we make a custom order (usually means a large order in our case) where we don't have the amount of inventory in stock, I need to generate an invoice through the system which allows us to accept a deposit.   Not just for our records, but some of our customers are overseas and the email receipt payment link forces the customer to pay the whole amount.   It would be fabulous to send them this payment link, but allow them to change the value.    Otherwise, allow us to specify what percentage of the invoice total value that we need paid with the balance outstanding and a new link created for that amount.

At the moment, we have to send our bank details for the deposit transfer and final payment which is messy.    Put it on the list please Shopify!

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This should have been a feature right from the beginning.

Plenty of businesses take deposits, run lay-bys and probably other forms of part payment options.


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Hello all, I  have had this same issue.  One work around i use is when they make a partial payment to me, via paypal, in person or whatever, I discount the payment amount and make reason "payment made".  Then I resend the same draft invoice.  its crude, I know, but the pos works fine too and may be the better option.

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This is a problem for us, too. When we take a large, custom order, we need to be able to accept a 50% downpayment on the order. I would like for the payment to occur on the order that has the itemized list of products - NOT on a separate order that I have to create for the sole purpose of making a payment. Then, we end up with multiple invoices for one order, which makes things very confusing, and makes it impossible to track product sales. We end up having to delete the initial itemized order, so that it doesn't mess up our accounting. 

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We're all looking for this functionality!

workarounds end up costing real money due to mistakes: it's happened to us, due to sales tax miscalculation.

please implement!

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Yes! Shopify please make this a functionality. We print large t-shirt orders and a lot of times the group ordering likes the ability to individually pay their portion of a larger order. This would be a great feature for our customers!!!!!