Draft Order accept partial payment

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we do need this partial payments for draft orders as well. We have other platforms to do so, just wished to have all orders collated in shopify. it shouldn't be something hard for shopify to do. Someone suggested an item of deposit, unfortunately, not every seller is doing projects and Shopify is also not designed for project payments. The payments has to be linked to a particular order with products. Hope to see this feature soon.

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I would also like this function. I use Godaddy Bookeeping for invoicing because people can make partial payments, but I would like to have it all in one place. Not use a separate app for that. 

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I am adding my request to add this feature as well.   It would be great if someone from Shopify could please chime in here with an update as clearly a lot of us are in need of this feature.

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YES! Please please add this functionality. Don't make me regret moving over from Big Commerce. 

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3 Years later and we are still in the dark regarding partial payments on draft orders. This function is AVAILABLE on the POS so why is this not available in draft orders? Is it to force people to purchase the POS functionality to be able to do this?


Disappointing Shopify..

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Seriously, this is a must! As a Shopify partner with a thousand of Shopify plan customers, I must say that almost all of them constantly ask me for updates on this subject... Of course, for example when you want to take a down payement, you can always duplicate, and then make this duplicate at 50% of the original price, add a note that says that it’s a down payement for the order X and finally don’t forget to make a 50% discount on the original draft and adding a note about the down payment order... but seriously, this is just soooo much time consuming for anyone and the chance of mistakes is really hi! There’s always app like Partial or Split but they either looks bad or at too expensive (% on the sale). Even Quickbooks Online, TradeGecko, Lightspeed or Square can do partial payment. Another quick workaround would also be if Shopify POS would be able to send partial payment links.
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