Draft Orders + DISCOUNT ... 4 years and we are still waiting.

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Hi guys and the ZERO Shopify Team,

I would like to advise you that the case has been raised to The Australian ConsumersAssociation (ACA).

As Shopify is not offering a free service, they have a duty of answer and action. As Shopify authorizes apps to modify or use part of their code  they have an obligation to answer and offer to their client on ongoing support that ensure that both app and 'core product' are working together. 

As they ignore this basic request for years, it is legit to raise the case to any consumers authority in your countries.
If we all do that (it is easy, just an online form) they will receive email and calls for these authorities and will have to act or answer. It is a the only to make them hear our voices. Trust me it is only 5 minutes of your time.


Below the message I sent to The Australian ConsumersAssociation (ACA). Feel free to use it and adapt it (I am French based in Australia so you may have few spelling or grammatical mistakes ;) )


Subject: "Delivery of a non fully functional online product/service - Shopify"
Object: Despite many requests, the company Shopify remains silent about a fix on their draft order feature. Shopify is providing an online product to help e-commerce to create a website and sell products. The solution is hosted on their servers.
It is now 4 years that myself, and others users, have notified this company of a fix that must be made on the 'draft order'. Indeed, buyers cannot apply discount on these type or orders. PROMO CODES (or discount) are a basic for an e-commerce and not offering this option make the full Shopify solution useless. Please note that Shopify has a market place on which one you can purchase app  but unfortunately developers face the same issue as the draft order option is managed by Shopify (they do not give access to the code of this feature). There is no workaround and has Shopify remains silent about this bug, thousands users in Australia and around the world cannot fully use the solution despite being charged the full price. Some users also raise the question of the security. Indeed, the fact that no answer is given worry us about the security of the draft option and so the payment of our clients. We think (but have no proof) that Shopify is aware a possible security issue and do not act. This is only a supposition but as we cannot get any answers from them company, everything can be possible. I urge The Australian ConsumersAssociation to contact Shopify and ask them when they plan to fix this issue  and offer to their client to add a COUPON CODE and draft order feature. I there is a security breach on this feature, it is very important to get answer from them before it is too late.  Once again, there is no workaround and draft order are mandatory and very often used by third party developers in their app.... app that are CERTIFIED by Shopify.  Thank you for your help."

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lets discuss!!!

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Hi @Pixel_OZ 


If you integrate your Shopify store with Airtable you can add draft orders from Airtable, and can apply a discount when you do so. Check out our guide on how to create Shopify draft orders from Airtable. 

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Excuse my ignorace but customers aren't able to create draft orders are they? 


As for adding a discounts to the draft order, this is very much possible although it's not easy to see; you just click the link in the draft order once you've added your items and then specify the amount you want it to be. 

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Hi Pixel_OZ,

Sorry to hear that Shopify haven't add coupon code to the Draft Order creation screen.

I have faced similar issue for my stores and thought of a workaround of converting Abandoned Checkout to Draft Order, I have created an app to facilitate this step (https://apps.shopify.com/draftable)

The idea is that I (or my store staff) add items to cart and initiate a checkout just like a normal customer would, and apply the discount code on the checkout screen, then I don't complete this checkout and left it there.

Next I go to my store admin panel > Orders > Abandoned Checkout, and select the checkout I created. Then click the "More actions" > "Create Draft Order" on the page, this would create a draft order from the abandoned checkout, with the discount code applied.

Hope this workaround helps.

Apply the coupon code at checkout page, then dont complete the checkout : 

Go to your Admin, select Abandoned Checkout and the checkout you created earlier, then select More actions > Create Draft Order

The draft order has the applied coupon code : 


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"not offering this option make the full Shopify solution useless"




Just because Shopify may/may not have a specific "discount" button, you say it renders the full Shopify solution useless?


And you do realize, Shopify is not meant to have every feature possible that a business owner may want? They offer general features and then have an app marketplace for business owners that need help with specific needs.


I think you're blowing this out of proportion.