Draft Orders (in Admin) is great, but why is it missing DISCOUNT CODES

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The new facilities in Draft Orders are VERY good and would make taking a telephone order very quick.  But we can't use it for large orders, as big customers get discounts.

The current ability to add a unique discount is fine, but it's not as useful as being able to add one of the already set up discount codes.

In particular, like many shops. we have different discounts for different Product Types - so currently we would have to use a calculator alongside the computer!!
Why not allow discount codes to be entered - which would do it automatocally?

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Matt here from the Guru Team! :-)

Thank you for getting in touch and providing that feedback.  I appreciate it and I also think it would be an excellent feature to include with the draft orders as well.  While it is true that feature currently isn't available to help out I am happy to pass along your feedback to our development team in the hopes that in the future it may be added.  :-)

I hope you have an excellent day,


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Yes this seems like no brainer to me, what an inconvenience! Please add this feature for us Shopify. 

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16 months later .... nothing!

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Yes please. This is another basic feature that should be implemented by now. We have discounts that apply to certain collections, so right now taking phone orders requires an in depth knowledge of what's in what collection, a calculator, and pretty good math skills.

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Still not implemented, over two years later, even in the new GraphQL Admin API.

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Discount codes is a must have feature. I can not beleive its still not implimented ! :(

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Any update on this? I'm using a app that created draft orders but my customers cannot apply their discount codes.

Two and a half years later…

Please add the ability to use existing dicount codes when setting up draft orders.

Please also allow customers who receive draft orders to use dicount codes at checkout.


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I just called them this week and it still isn't an option but I did find a bit of a workaround for the issue with people who get their draft link then decide to change their order then wondering why the discount has disappeared.

Still have to do the manual calculation for the draft order but named the "reason" as the same as the Discount Code.  At least that way if they add or subtract from the order the code will still be active. They can still use a gift card with it too.