Dreaft order api

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So we updated our draftorder api just but the shipping method doesnot show up at all it says your cart has been updated and your product was unable to ship.So here is my observation

mutation {
draftOrderCreate(input: {
customerId: "$userId",
customAttributes: [
#if( $quoteId )
key: "Quote ID",
value: "$quoteId"
#if( $poNumber )
key: "PO Number",
value: "$poNumber"
#if( $note )
note: "$note"
#if ( $tags )
tags: "$tags"
lineItems: [
#foreach( $lineItem in $lineItems )
variantId: "$lineItem.id"
quantity: $lineItem.quantity

 so if i pass the query like this i am able to move forward from checkout but if i add the 

requiresShipping: $lineItem.shipping.required

  I am not able to checkout as well. PLease help