Drop shipping & finding supplier....HELP!

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hi there. 

Im new to this world coming from a completely different industry and i have decided to dive into the e-commerce and finally work for myself and not others. 

i have basically completed my online store in a week ( still have a full time job) I dont struggle with design ( coming frm design industry) or the website but i am struggling with Drop shipping and suppliers. Im basically ready to go but i have no locked in supplier for my product.

Im based in Australia, i have done a lot of reading online about Alibaba, AliExpres and the usual suppliers. However the more im reading about my options of getting the product and drop shipping the more questions i have and i have noone who could answer them straight. This is why im here and hoping you could answer some things for me. 


I have decided to take on the rout of drop shipping, my goal is for my store to be completely automated. 

How i see is i have 3 different options:

1. Buy product in bulk from Alibaba or any supplier from US and get it shipped to Amazon or any other fulfillment center.

- From what im reading if i send to Amazon i will have to email Amazon my every order info/ shipping info etc...? 

- If its another fulfillment centre i have to make sure that they can integrate with Shopify, is that right?

- How do i know what the shipping rate will be based on customers different location. Or is it something they provide you with? 


2. Buy product in bulk get it shipped to Australia and find local or Australian based fulfillment center. Not sure if this is profitable.

- but am i right to think that if my product is Australian based i can offer free shipping within Australia? 

- I will have more control with my package design etc...


3. Find supplier who will supply product and drop ship at the same time. I must say this has been my focus for about 2 weeks and it has been hard. Primarily i have been contacting US and Canada based suppliers and just when i think i found the product they dont drop ship :-( 

Then i go on and do more research and it is time consuming due to their small communication and time difference sometimes i have to wait for 3 days to get a response AND THATS IF I GET A RESPONSE AT ALL! 

Am i on the right track with option 3 or am i chasing a wild goose here? 

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated. 

Thank you in advance.....


What would be your suggestion and how have you guys linked your products to your stores?