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Hello everyone!

I have a dropshipping store on which I offer more than 400 products (jewelry).

I would like to improve my brand image. So I asked one of my aliexpress suppliers to source my 20 bestsellers themselves.

He will add a small bag with my printed logo to each shipment.

I would also like to have a less ugly packaging than the usual simple white plastic bag from Aliexpress. But, according to my supplier, since we send aliexpress standard shipping, then we have no other choice that having this ugly packaging.

Do you know how to send my products in something better (a box for example ...)?

Thank you !

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Hi, @Lionel77!

Julie here from Shopify Support.

It's great to hear that you are wanting to add some custom branding to your packaging. This is a great way to build your brand and give your orders a professional touch. 

Have you considered purchasing inventory from your supplier and fulfilling orders yourself, using your own custom packaging? Although this does require you to invest capital upfront, holding your own inventory and handling the fulfillment process would give you complete control over your packaging. Some suppliers offer discounts on bulk purchases, so I recommend checking in with your supplier to see if this is something they would consider.

If you do decide to handle fulfillment yourself, then you could use an app called Arka: Packaging and Supplies. This app gives you the ability to design custom packages with your brand's colours, fonts, and logo. Arka will then create the packages and ship them directly to your doorstep so you can then use them to fulfill your orders.  

If you want to offload the fulfillment process, then another app worth looking into is Pay-Per-Order Custom Packaging. Similar to Arka, this app allows you to design custom packages. The major difference is that this app handles fulfillment for you through an integration with Oberlo; instead of having the product shipped directly to the customer, the products will be sent to Pay‑Per‑Order's warehouse, where they will package them using your custom packages and ship them to your customers within 48 hours. This option would definitely offload a lot of work for you and will prevent you from having to acquire your own inventory. 

For more advice on how to create custom packaging for your products, I highly recommend checking out our blog post, "Product Packaging: How Top Brands Delight Customers With Memorable Unboxing Experiences". There, you'll learn about different types of ecommerce packaging, typical costs, and how to create a custom packaging experience for your customers. This blog post also includes a list of suppliers for custom branded packaging that you should find useful if you'd like to handle fulfillment yourself. 

I hope this provides you with a few options worth considering and I'd love to hear what you think. Would you be interested in handling the fulfillment process yourself, or would you prefer to continue having a third-party take care of the process for you? 

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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