Dropshipping from Africa

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I am working with a client who has a store in South Africa. 

Their business model is drop-shipping of designer items from a few African countries. 

We want to use DHL for shipping and offer DDP (duties and taxes paid) at the checkout.

What would be the best way to integrate a seamless communication between Shopify - DHL and shippers?

I can't seem to find an easy integration of DHL or set up DDP.
I like what https://www.easyship.com/ guys offer but they don't work within Africa.

Any help highly appreciated!

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Hi @Emilė,

One possible solution could be to use Intuitive Shipping to set up shipping methods with mark-ups for your duties and taxes. Intuitive Shipping doesn't determine these rates automatically, so you or your client would need to research what the various duty fees are. Then you could set up Shipping Scenarios for different product categories and add the duty and tax rate as a percentage markup. The complexity of the setup would depend on how many product types they have that require different duty rates. 

Additionally, you can customize the shipping method description to indicate, 'Duty and taxes included', and you can add a unique service code so that whoever is fulfilling the order can see that the shipping cost included duty and taxes.

We also have a carrier integration with DHL.

This is not an end-to-end integration and understandably requires some research and setup, but it may be an option for you. If you'd like more information about Intuitive Shipping, you can book a demo appointment with one of our team members.

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