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Hi, I have a supplier I want to start dropshipping with and I can see lots of help for dropshipping on Shopify but nothing really gives me a step by step guide.

So I want a guide on how to actually set up a product for dropshipping on my online shop and then to know how the payment side of things work. Do I receive the payment from the customer or does the supplier? Or can we both take a cut of the price? 

And how does it work if a customer places an order for the dropshipped item and something from our actual shop? They will receive two separate parcels presumably?



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Hi Katy,

When dropshipping, you create a product page and design it as you like. When a customer buys that item, the payment goes to you (whether it's to your bank account or PayPal). You then purchase the product from your supplier, and they will ship it to the customer. In the case someone bought an item you hold physically and a dropshipped item, the customer would receive two different packages. If you don't have a dropshipping app integrated with your store, you'll most likely need to manually upload the tracking information to the order page when your supplier ships it.

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That’s great, thanks for your help
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Hi @KatyC 

Here is how dropshipping works: 


Step 1: It starts with the buyer. They might be interested in your product and want to buy it.

Step 2: This is when the buyer places an order in your store.

Step 3: The buyer needs to pay you in advance for the order.

Step 4: Once the customer has made their payment, you, as a dropshipping merchant, buy that item from your supplier.

This Shopify dropshipping guide for beginners would be useful for you when start dropshipping.

Hope it helps!

Step 5: The supplier fulfills that order and ships directly to the customer.

Step 6: The buyer receives the order.

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