Duplicate Collections Under Different Pages

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Hello, I have a mind boggling question. I am starting an online pet store and I have organized the site by main headers (pages): Dogs, Cats. Under each of those pages I will have the Collections to follow such as Toys, Grooming, Travel, etc. As most of the collections match both Dogs and Cats, I want to create the same collection names (where it applies) under each of those headers. Some products may be similar to both Dogs and Cats (i.e. pet clothes) which will go under Travel Collection of Dogs and Travel Collection of Cats however if then I am adding a product such as vests for dogs, I would want it to go under the same Travel Collection but for dogs.


So, what I did was create the duplicate collection names with the word dog or cat at the end of it with Manual type and in Navigation, I have added them as nested menus under their respective pages (Dog, Cat). I have linked it to the Collection and in the "Name" field I just removed the dog/cat word so ideally on the store's front page it will show the collection name as Travel instead of Travel dog / Travel cat. However, on the online store, it is showing the collection's actual name and not the edited one.


How can I fix this? Or is there an easier way to do it? I need the same collection names under the the main page names.