Duplicated Sales in Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics (Pixel)

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there seems to be an issue with the order tracking via GA and Facebook Pixel. Yesterday I had two "ghost orders" that appeared in GA and Facebook Analytics but never happened in Shopify.

I did some analysis and figgered out that maybe my customers loaded the order status page again and therefor GA and Facebook Analytics registered the already done order again.

Is there someone experiencing the same issue? I found an old thread with something similar here https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/shopify-discussion/t/google-analytics-ecommerce-duplicating-transact... but that should be solved long ago???

Shopify Experts: What is wrong there and how can we fix this?

Thank you!

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Hello BB. 

I was in the old thread you posted complaining about this ~3 years ago.

Today I was digging through my analytics and I noticed the problem has come up again.

Ways to find the problem

1. Login to Google Analytics & Navigate to Conversions > Sales Performance

2. List should be sorted by price. Take a order number and toss it in to Shopify to see if revenue matches.

How often does this occur?

I downloaded all my transactions from Google & Shopify and did a vlookup on revenue for each order to compare.

I sampled ~1300 orders. I noticed that this is affecting 2% of my orders and providing a revenue difference of around 3.18%

The worst offender was one order which revenue was tracked 9x times. A $66 order was tracked as $594. Most of the errors were 2-3x times tracked.

Why does this happen?

My guess is that it's exact same problem which I brought up 3 years ago, where if the customer refreshes the "thank you" page, the order is tracked multiple times.

I have a feeling due to the frequency this is happening (2% of the time for me) & due the highest multiple this happened (order getting tracked 9x revenue) that there is currently no check on Shopify's end for stopping this problem was occuring.


Whenever a customer refresh the thankyou page it will definitely be a new purchase for Google Analytics but I am still not sure if the same thing happen in Shopify Analytics as well. If its different than GA then how they are calculating it. Its an interesting case and I wonder that it is keep happening since ages. 

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